image of 2018 West Pacific Storm Jelawat
2018 West Pacific Storm Jelawat

With the advent of the 2018 Western Pacific Storm Jelawat, Weather.JaysCafe.Net is no longer a proof-of-concept.  It is functional.

I had two mistakes to contend with.  I mispelled "active" omitting the "i" and my data source mispelled the name of the storm.  However, the website was already tracking the storm and creating the graphs.  It just couldn't display them because of the mispellings.

I am very happy with the progression of the web site development.  Next is to get weather data from the area to co-populate the map.  This is not going to be a real challenge other than me being able to focus on writing the code.

I have spoken with my neurologist and one of my meds have been doubled.  I am beginning to feel the positive effects.  I hope to start cranking out the code sometime in the next week.

Thanks for reading!

Jay C. "Jazzy_J" Theriot