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Current Weather Chart In Production

Code is simplified to require minimal input to add/remove a location.

Next step is to generate 24-hour, Week and Month graphs of the data and have them hot-link to the front page, all automatically.

This should not be a considerable task as I have the code from my previous graphs. I just have to modularize it. That is, I take the code block, break it into pieces. I then reconstitute the original code block programmatically substituting variables in every location that I can. This method allows me to develop a configuration file of sorts for each Theater and/or storm which will cause the website to morph itself to fit whatever global condition it may happen upon.

I can't see any reason why the site will no be in full production for the upcoming Atlantic and Pacific Hurricane seasons.

Thanks for reading,
Jay C. Theriot

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01/26/18 - Twitter Feeds Have a Home

I've decided the Twitterfeeds will locate themselves in the upper right-hand part of and they will open in a new page.

I'm hoping to code the graphs today. I've had a bit of a bad time with my condition which made coding impossible. I feel a deal better today.

Things to do:

  1. code the graphs - code is done, need to relocate and feed data to the engine.
  2. code the maps - code is done, need to relocate and feed data to the engine.
  3. work on banner - need to fade the back out to make it less eye-popping.
  4. work on logo - change background color.
  5. work on auto-detection sequence - about 10% done.

In all, I'm not very far from publicizing the page.  The back-end that will drive the page is mostly done.  The layout of the information facing the public is done.  The banner and logo, I think I will never be satisfied with.

If I could just stay still long enough to finish the code, we would be in business.

Jay C. Theriot

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