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Auto-storm Detect Process Completed

We have made it through a complete storm cycle.  Several short-comings were noted and corrected.

Next step is to have It auto-post to social media.

Next upgrade will be to have weather conditions local to the event posted on the page as well as the generated weather map, pulling them from the front page and automating them.

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Current Weather Chart In Production

Code is simplified to require minimal input to add/remove a location.

Next step is to generate 24-hour, Week and Month graphs of the data and have them hot-link to the front page, all automatically.

This should not be a considerable task as I have the code from my previous graphs. I just have to modularize it. That is, I take the code block, break it into pieces. I then reconstitute the original code block programmatically substituting variables in every location that I can. This method allows me to develop a configuration file of sorts for each Theater and/or storm which will cause the website to morph itself to fit whatever global condition it may happen upon.

I can't see any reason why the site will no be in full production for the upcoming Atlantic and Pacific Hurricane seasons.

Thanks for reading,
Jay C. Theriot

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