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Sept. 11th, Florence Imagery

Following is imagery of 2018 Atlantic Storm Florence.  Forecast to make landfall at a category 3 with a 48-hour stall in a fairly heavy populated area, Florence has the potential to create a humanitarian disaster.  Those of you within the concerned area, follow the instructions from your local authorities.

Track Forecast
Surface Winds
Water Vapor

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2018 Gordon, Sep 4th, 4 pm Analysis

Lots of rain for Alabama and Mississippi.  NOAA is expecting considerable deintensification after making landfall, which should occur  in eight hours, or 12 am tomorrow morning, with a top wind speed of 75 mph.  The data supports calling Gordon a category I storm immediately prior to making landfall.

I am including the amazing imagery from NOAA for good measure.
GeoColor ~4pm Sept. 4th, CST
Water Vapor ~4pm Sept 4th, CST

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2018 Gordon, Sep 4, 4 am Analysis

As you can see by the images below, the track and projected landfall remain the same.  NOAA estimates of a minimal category one storm upon landfall remains.  Although it is considered "minimal" realize there remain potential for life-threatening conditions closer to Gulfport, MS.

Gordon is experiencing significant westerly wind-shear of 55 kts.  The result is considerable portion of the rainfall, wind and other destructive forces will remain on the eastern quadrants of Gordon.

cone graphic
4 am Tracking Estimate
Water Vapor

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