As you can see from the Visibility Map, the eclipse will not be visible from the US.  My calculations have it occurring at 4 pm CST, during daylight.  Which will render the lunar eclipse invisible. Additionally, we, in the US, are on the wrong side of the Earth - the Moon will be on the other side.) Sorry.  However, there are many news outlets that will cover the eclipse from the east.  Start looking for coverage around 1 pm.  Your mileage may vary.

The "Blood" color is from the umbral glow of the Earth:  The eclipsed Moon reflects the ambient light from the Earth.  This can be seen during virtually all lunar eclipses if there is a clear night.

Enjoy!  This should be a "stellar" event, with Mars in close proximity to the Moon.

Visibility Map for Total Lunar Eclipse, July 27th, 2018 from
XEphem view of the Eclipse showing the proximity of Mars and the Moon.