Hurricanes.Jayscafe.Net is written and produced solely by Jay C. Theriot, that's me.  My handle is "Jazzy J" or "Jazzy_J".  The latter I use on IRC, as you can't have spaces in your handle on that archaic bit of network communications technology.

I self-taught BASIC on my uncle's TRS-80 Model III back around 1981.  Since then, I have been hooked on coding.

The title of multi-disciplined counter-intelligence analyst (97G) is one that I carried for a while in the US Army.  My focus was penetrating communication networks of all kinds, using any intelligence assets available.  These could include HUMINT (human intelligence), COMINT (Communications Intelligence), SIGINT (Signals Intelligence), IMINT (Imagery Intelligence) and my favorite - RUMINT (Rumors Intelligence) along with intelligence on HOIS (Hostile Intelligence Services) and FIS (Foreign Intelligence Services).  My teams and I read, listened, looked, examined, analyzed and performed a host of other activities to assess the communications security infrastructure of an organization.

I have a BS (Honors) in Mathematics from the University of Southern Mississippi and I have always regretted not taking Dr. Temple Fay's forceful advice to continue to get graduate degrees in theoretical mathematics.  This subject is where my passions lay. Theoretical mathematics, group theory, linear analysis and a host of differential analysis did nothing but humble me and fascinate me like no other subject ever has.

Eventually becoming a computer systems engineer for the largest single non-government employer in Louisiana, I was struck down by a humiliating and frustrating genetic disease called hereditary spastic paraplegia (HSP).  Playing with single board computers, weather analysis and digital marketing for 501(c)3s keeps my brain alive.  Along with retro-computing and foundational electronic communications, operating systems inner-workings continue the fascination where the theoretical mathematics has left off.

My wife accuses me of having the odd ability to see the forest, the trees, the leaves and the bugs on the leaves.  When I look at a project, I see the whole, down to the granular tasks that need to be performed to accomplish the final goal.  Ms. Betty Fields was the first to accuse me of that in my 4th grade class.  Ms. Fields is one of my favorite teachers and is probably the first teacher to inspire me to learn for the innate desire to learn.  She cursed me forever, making me feel like #5 -- I always need input.  Consequently, my favorite books are tech manuals and reference documents.

Spoken human language is a challenge for me.  Subjected to a host of languages, my vowels take on a tinge of whatever country is in my mind at the time an my consonants follow suit.  For that reason, I enjoy writing.  I can compose, recompose and decompose a conversation all at once, on my own terms.

As far as technical knowledge, I know more than the average, less than some, but enjoy writing about it.  I have been lax on my technical writings while coming to terms mentally and physically with HSP.  My promise to myself and the reader is that the security and technology writing receive the prime focus of my abilities.  The journey I took and have written about for the past two years is ongoing.  It shall no longer receive the power of my focus.

I encourage the reader to examine my documents and cross-reference them with other information from credible sites.  I am not, nor is anyone else, a know-it-all on technology or meteorology.  That is an unobtainable goal.  Just because one can modify the inner workings of an operating system, doesn't mean that person can send a proper email in Outlook.  We all have our specialties and foci.

Thanks for reading,

Jay C. "Jazzy_J" Theriot