is the product of many years of thought, work and collaboration with many individuals.

Originally, the site began in 2006 with the desire to accurately and easily track hurricanes.  However, the site has grown as my skill and talent has grown.  Weather.Jayscafe.Net now has the ability to automatically monitor, provide tracking and analysis major storms in multiple theaters across the globe.

Now, it provides me with a method of showing value for myself, as I am fairly certain that I am permanently disabled due to some weird neurological condition that has yet to be named with the main symptom of extreme spasticity.

This site retrieves data from Weather.Unisys.Com, NHC.NOAA.GOV, and OpenWeatherMap.  This data has licenses which prevent me from legally for products created from their data.  This is not a problem for me, as I am not in it for the money.  I am in it for the confidence that the site instills in me and the products it provides to others.

Be it known, that I am a mathematician and I look at things very analytical.  The data is not modified and is as accurate as can be gotten from the sources.  My opinions, unless otherwise stated, are my own.  The use of this site to make life-decisions is discourages and I don't claim any scientific accuracy of my statements, graphs or other products generated from this site.  I encourage you to find other news outlets to sway you into making these decisions as I am not qualified to help you come to those conclusions.

However, if you are looking for some human-readable information, I attempt to do my best and I hope you, ultimately, find some value in my products.

Thank you for reading, and God Bless,

Jay C. "Jazzy_J" Theriot