Month: July 2018

Jupiter - Sort of


Well, it's an attempt.  This was taken at 1/30th, f/8, 3200 ISO and is dramatically cropped from the original.  The lens was a Vivitar Series 1 500mm with a 2x converter.

Moisture covered the front element of the lens, but I was too hurt to shoot again.  I shall try again tonight and make my adjustments.

I learned:

  1. I need a stool to do this.  My back gave out after only 14 shots.
  2. I must remember to defog the lens.
  3. I need to figure out how to reduce vibration.  I already have it shooting on timed exposure.  I think I can lock the mirror up.
  4. Exposure is ok.  However, if I can get the vibration taken care of, then I can drop the shutter speed and the ISO and thus, increase the clarity.
  5. It is really cool that even with all these misgivings, you can see the colors of Jupiter.

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Meteor Shower and Jupiter for the taking

Screenshot at 2018-07-14 12-27-41
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Facing South, you should be able to see the June Scutids in the upper left of your viewing area (toward the southeast and elevated.) Please, select the link for more information as I just learned about them myself.

Other items of note are Jupiter and Saturn make an appearance.  I saw Jupiter with an unaided eye last night and I was taken aback by how clearly I could see it.  I would have attempted to photograph it, but I was considerably tired from the day.  Yes, I do plan on an attempt over the next evenings.  It is in a perfect viewing area.  I hope I can translate that to a postable image.

I hope to catch the meteor shower too.  We will see.  I usually am not successful with meteor showers due to the fact they require the viewer to focus and pay attention.  Those of you that know me only slightly, know this presents a great challenge for me.

I hope you all leave your abodes between 9:30 and 10:30 pm this week and look to your Southern Sky and enjoy!

In Christ,

Jay C. "Jazzy_J" Theriot

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