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Saturday, April 14, 2018. Frontal System Aproaches

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There is a fairly well-developed frontal system heading for Southeast Louisiana. Currently the conditions on the backside of the frontal system have approximately a 25 degree drop from the front-side as you can see by these comparisons:

Dallas, TX 50 °F
Lake Charles, LA 61 °F
Houma, LA 75 °F

Dallas, Texas is on the backside.  Lake Charles, Louisiana is in the front and Houma, Louisiana is about to get hit.

You should tune to your local official news source for weather announcements.  Twitter feeds for Terrebonne Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness is and The Nation Weather Service in New Orleans is
The current Tornado warning from 6:39 am, Saturday April 14, 2018 is shown here.

It appears that we are in for a third, or fourth winter in South Lousiana.

The general forecast for the next few days in Houma, Louisiana is:

Sat Apr 14: 75/59 °F ☔
Sun Apr 15: 57/51 °F ☀
Mon Apr 16: 66/49 °F ☀
Tue Apr 17: 72/46 °F ☀
Wed Apr 18: 79/58 °F ☔


Weather information sources:  NOAA, and NWS

For constantly updated weather information, discussion and more, visit:


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