Month: April 2018

Temperature Drops pre-/post- front

Weather at has noticed the following temperature drops in Texas and Louisiana across the path of the some. For additional graphs and weather data, please visit, analyzing a plethora of official weather data from NOAA and NWS.

Furthest west and north, we have Dallas Texas.  They experienced a drop from 82°F to 48°F.  That is a 34°F drop in 24 hours.
Houston, Texas chimed in with a drop from 78°F to 57°F.
Beaumont, Texas, which is a little east of Houston, and somewhat out of the power channel of the front also dropped 21°F to 57°F.
Houma, Louisiana, currently still with declining temperatures has dropped 18°F to 62°F.  It will be interesting to see if we make it to 59°F, and echo the drops of Houston and Beaumont.

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