Month: March 2018

20180330 - West Pacific Typhoon 4 Jelawat

Please see The Weather Channel for some informaiton.

This storm has exploded from tropical storm status to Typhoon 4 status in under 24 hours.  Typhoon 4 is the equivalent to a Category 4 storm in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific classification systems.

The good news is that not much land will be involved in the projected path of the storm.

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Proof of Concept - No More!!!

image of 2018 West Pacific Storm Jelawat
2018 West Pacific Storm Jelawat

With the advent of the 2018 Western Pacific Storm Jelawat, Weather.JaysCafe.Net is no longer a proof-of-concept.  It is functional.

I had two mistakes to contend with.  I mispelled "active" omitting the "i" and my data source mispelled the name of the storm.  However, the website was already tracking the storm and creating the graphs.  It just couldn't display them because of the mispellings.

I am very happy with the progression of the web site development.  Next is to get weather data from the area to co-populate the map.  This is not going to be a real challenge other than me being able to focus on writing the code.

I have spoken with my neurologist and one of my meds have been doubled.  I am beginning to feel the positive effects.  I hope to start cranking out the code sometime in the next week.

Thanks for reading!

Jay C. "Jazzy_J" Theriot

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Gems of Weather research

Animate Color Satellite GIF of the Atlantic
Animate Color Satellite GIF of the Atlantic

Every now and again you find some really cool things on the Internet.  The satellite image to the right is an example.

I have always loved satellites.  When I used to track their over-flights for security reasons in the military, I fell in love with them.  We were receiving daily reports from Cheyenne of the locations of all the HOIS (hostile intelligence services) satellites so we could conceal our missions from their overflight.  I was working on a database that could make sense out of them.  Our little unit was overwhelmed with the amount of data we were receiving.

Now, enterprises handles considerable amounts of data, and it's just me.  What a difference automation, imagination and decent equipment makes.  Just a note, we had decent equipment for that time period.  However, I have more computing power in my smart watch on a dead battery than what was available at the time.

For most of my private career, I held what I did and where I learned my talents close.  However, with the current administration being a daily intelligence breach, I'm going to be trying to explain where some of my talents and abilities have come from.  It will take a while, but I think it's time.  If they put me in prison, they have some pretty hefty medical bills to pay.

Back to weather.

My system is collecting a considerable amount of data and I'm about to increase the amount about ten-fold.  This will allow my programs to do some pretty cool stuff.  I wish I could produce some of the maps and graphs I have in store, but, alas, I have injured my muscles pretty bad and have to recover.

Something that I have been wanting to do for a while is tracking frontal systems.  I know have the data that will grant me that ability.  I will only be able to track them over land, as are the locations of my data collection points.  However, they should look pretty cool.

Another function that is forthcoming is that when a storm is detected, then the near-by land-based weather stations will also appear on the map.  In doing that, you will be able to see the change in weather among those locations and gauge the voracity of the storms impact.

Good things are going to be produced for this storm season.  I am very excited.

Stay Tuned,

Jay C. "Jazzy_J" Theriot

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