Month: September 2017

2017 Maria

Click here for updated tracking on Maria

At the time of this writing, Maria is at Cat 5 status and is expected to vary between Cat 4 & 5 status for the next few days.  It is bearing down on the Leeward and Virgin Islands.

Maria is a catastrophic storm for the islands.  It is completely to early to draw any conclusions about a US landfall.

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Why I have not made a single post about Jose, until now

If you look at the projections of Jose, it's erratic.  If you read the meat of "Why not to point....", you will understand that Jose has 5 feet of ice on the wings.

I'm going to start tracking it soon (today if I can get access to my servers from the hospital).  But, believe me, if you live on the East Coast and you know the name "Jose" and know it's a storm.  You have the right amount of concern.

If you are tracking it every step and you are having anxiety over it... stop.  Until that storm figures out what it will do, you need to relax.

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Jay C. Theriot

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