Nate looks like he is one determined storm.  Winds are now expected to be about 90 mph at landfall.  The storm should be at its closest to Terrebonne parish at about 7 pm tonight (Sat. 10/7/17).  Currently, the storm is moving at 22 mph.  That is good for us.  Moving that fast means lest potential for intensification and damage as the highest winds will only be present in any given location for a short time.

I am not lessening the need to be aware of this storm.  I expect the effects to be intense, just for a comparatively short time.  I leave the decision to evacuate to you, as I consider this a very personal decision.  In my world, the chance for pain out-weighs the the chance for danger.  I refer you to this article for a deeper explanation of my opinion on that matter and to this website as an explanation of my medical issues (TMI warning - I get brutally honest).

The high water levels in Lake Pontchartrain worry me.  The trajectory of this storm, at least for a small part of the journey, will be similar to Katrina.  I understand Katrina was much more powerful, but over-topping the levees and flooding the city could be something to watch for.  I pray that the Sewage and Water District of NOLA is being earnest when they claim they can handle the deluge.

Thanks and God Bless!

Jazzy J